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VAST Platform 2023 (12.0.0) README [Done]

VAST Platform 2023 (12.0.0) README [In Progress]


Build b534

Case Title
72573 [Windows Intel] A regression in jit performance due to changes in templates format

Build b533

Case Title
72550 Add collectionSpecies and collectionClass to CfsFileStream

Build b532 (Internal Build)

Build b531

Case Title
72014 Add nil resizeX test into EwTableColumnMapper>>#resizeButtonRelease: 
72516 Fix prim failure in attribute retrieval in LDAP search

Build b530

Case Title
71911 Uninstaller uninstalls VAST dependencies but it can potentially break existing dependents
72418 Remove ENVY/Image Development as required map of the z.ST: Tonel Support feature map
72434 SeasideRESTExamplesApp should only be included in 'Seaside REST Examples' config map
72470 Remove deprecated classes AbtBase64Coder and SstBase64Coder
72471 #sstBase64Encoded should use Base64Coder instead of Base64CoderMime
72472 Transcript>Help>VAST Online Documentation opens IEXPLORE on the documentation
72492 TestEsTimeZone failing on latest Linux

Build b529

Case Title
72416 Integrate Tonel 1.6.0

Build b528

Case Title
72297 PlatformFunction GPF when calling LDAP in Linux
72387 Fix remaining senders of the removed #abrAsClass
72388 "UI Assistant" window out of screen
72389 Improve Float digits printing
72390 AbtOdbcDatabaseConnection>>#getInfo:buffer:ifError: uses unnecessary wrapping of errorBlock 
72394 AbtDriverInfoDBViewer crashes the VM

Build b527

Case Title
72353 Implement EsString>>#escaped
72356 Improve exception handling when connection fails on MQTT
72359 AutomatedBuildSupport new API to avoid nil arguments
72363 #receiveTimeout not working properly on Linux with OpenSSL
72369 [Linux] setsockopt/getsockopt with options of timeval type (ex.,SORCVTIMEO) uses truncated data
72381 [SUint] - Add whileTrue/whileFalse retry/timeout loops to blocks to help with sunit timing issues

Build b526

Case Title
65807 Add ssl capability to EsLdapApp
72336 The number of decimal digits when printing Floats should be configurable
72346 CSV, JSON and STON failing tests in Linux due to codepage and line separators
72347 Move String class>>#lf/#cr/#crlf to EsString
72348 Empty class extensions in StsPowerToolsMotif

Build b525

Case Title
72309 Sunit - Make Logging (isLogging) a class instvar instead of a hardcoded method on TestAsserter
72316 Move Character>>to: into Kernel/CLDT and add Grapheme>>#to:
72329 SUnit - Add error logging to capture exceptions encountered while running test cases

Build b524

Case Title
72260 (b521) EtCodeWindow is an empty class extension in EtBaseToolsWin subapp
72305 Add Unicode support to Regex
72307 Become String into UnicodeString when attempting to put a Grapheme via at:put:
72319 SUnit - make Sunit log target configurable
72323 SunitBrowser - add progress logging 

Build b523

Case Title
67244 Window GDI handle leak for CwTool and CwButton
72198 Deprecate EsString>>isLatin1
72199 Create DBString>>isAscii fallback
72257 Add attribute instance variable to to CwTableColumn 
72262 (b521) StsConfirmationDialog and StsPreferencesWindow are empty class extensions in StsPowerToolsWin subapp
72279 Some Unicode classes should be considered as required by the packager
72288 Implement LDAP search in terms of ldap_search_ext()

Build b522

Case Title
72225 Integrate contributed Unicode Support changes into Seaside/Grease
72252 Latest STON must depend on SstCommunications
72255 Modify WAServerManager>>#default to support instances of its subclasses
72261 (b521) CfsPath and EsOrderedDictionary  have  empty class extensions in STONCoreApp
72265 Fix failing and expected failure tests in NeoJSON and Seaside

Build b521

Case Title
70863 Update STON to latest version and add support to Unicode input/output
72232 Implement asScaledDecimal in UnicodeString
72233 UnicodeString subStrings: aCharacter fails
72234 Implement UnicodeString>>#asNumber 
72235 Add WriteStream>># <<
72241 Implement in EsString the dispatch of equality comparison against UnicodeString 
72242 Implement in Character the dispatch of equality comparison against Graphemes
72249 Modify SstUrl class>>#parserFor: to support UnicodeStrings
72250 Add UnicodeString>>#abtAsInteger

Build b520

Case Title
72218 Update NeoCSV to support Unicode
72222 GraphemeView does not understand bookmark
72226 Implement digitValue in Grapheme and UnicodeString
72229 Character>>#digitValue should also work with lowercase letters

Build b519

Case Title
68502 walkback opening the CwTreeViewExample in the 64-bit image
71888 Update NeoJSON to handle Unicode components
72207 Add #codePoint: APIs to Grapheme and UnicodeScalar
72216 Update NeoJSON to the latest version

Build b518

Case Title
65636 Optimize HiDPI support
65694 HiDPI-125%-Columns in tables get shifted and text smudging can occur when scrolling  horizontal, then vertical
65968 extraneous horizontal line or bolding of line in 'grid'
65969 HiDPI caveat with headingEtched
72178 Fix concurrency issue that produces multiple process instances for the HTTP connection checker
72191 Improvements to SstHttpClient when used with #receiveTimeout: 
72192 Create MQTT features maps
72193 Sst Mail feature should not depend on HTTP but on SST base

Build b517

Case Title
72151 Fix OsNativeProcess>>#free - No implementors of #cancelled
72155 Update Tonel feature to its latest version (1.5.7)
72157 Fix "NLS Warning (VA). Missing 103 in group 'AbtNlsTraMsgGrp'."
72165 Fix some typos in StsPowerTools
72183 SstSslSocketConnections missing necessary override for streamed connection support

Build b516

Case Title
72086 Implement MQTT packet framework compatible with v3, v3.1.1, v5
72087 Implement MQTT packet serialization/deserialization
72088 Implement MQTT v5 user properties
72095 Implement MQTT Authenticate Packet specification
72098 Implement MQTT Ping Packet specification
72102 Implement MQTT Disconnect Packet specification
72103 Implement MQTT Connect Packet specification
72123 Implement MQTT Logging
72125 Implement SST/MQTT Url support
72137 Implement MQTT Publish Packet specification
72138 Implement MQTT Subscribe Packet specification
72139 Implement MQTT Unsubscribe Packet specification
72141 Test SST/MQTT Client
72142 Implement SST/MQTT Client
72143 EmImageManager newImageWithPropertiesFrom: does not handle  Features with $( or $) chars in the name


Build b515

Case Title
71982 Add proportional column width support to EwTableList 
72021 Add expand All/collapse all to EwTableList
72113 Delete app EsCodePageUtilitiesApp from "ENVY/Image Base" 
72114 Add "EsEventBusApp" to kernel.ic
72133 Update ' Tools' to version AvO.30


Build b514

Case Title
63585 Add "Needing Versioning" view mode to Configuration Maps Browser
63595 Improve "Browse Changes" to take into account Config Expressions subapps
64595 Allow EsbSampler to save all the profiler results into a file 
65453 Use Scintilla for code panes in 3 Way Diff
71944 Improve EsbSampler look and feel
71973 Add "next difference"  to  3 Way Diff panels
71974 3 Way Diff upper panels should use full width
71985 3 Way Diff should show stream number at the bottom panels
72018 Allow user to 'zoom' either of the three text panes of the 3-way differences browser
72019 Text panes are marked changed and popup the save your changes dialog when closing  the 3-way diff  browser
72022 Enable 3way diff browser to use EwTreeList expand all / collapse all feature
72055 XD modal opening on wrong monitor on presence of secondary monitor
72084 Unify the "Help" menu items
72099 Implement an EsEventBus using the EsStream framework
72104 Add option to sort applications by its timestamp