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VA Smalltalk Designs

This is a public read-only wiki where the VA Smalltalk Engineering Team can document their design thoughts about items for future releases.  The VA Smalltalk Forum can be used for discussion of the designs with the results of those discussions being reflected back into these wiki pages.

This page gathers together design documents for various features of VA Smalltalk.

Design Documents are generally 'work in progress' since they start out with nothing but the Requirements; then progress through Research, Design, Implementation and Documentation.  Their purpose is to expose the developer's thought process early in the development cycle so that development projects head as consistently as possible in the right direction.

Target V8.5

All Design Documents associated with V8.5 have been retracted.  Please refer to the V8.5 documentation that was installed with the product or to our online documentation.

Target V8.5.1

No design documents were made available.

Target V8.5.2